icone de[E3 2019] Animal Crossing: New Horizons ganha nova data de lançamento


[E3 2019] Animal Crossing: New Horizons ganha nova data de lançamento

Adiado para 2020, para melhorias na experiência.


Por Tiago Marafona a


Tiago Marafona, Redactor

O maldisposto da equipa. Um autêntico fã de RPGs japoneses e um belo apreciador de jogos de plataformas. Recentemente tornou-se um especialista de jogos de dança e de música.

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#6 neveda

11 de Junho, 2019, 18:39

Já com trailer. Está abem giro, pena ter sido adiado.
#7 G.E.R.M.A.N.

11 de Junho, 2019, 19:05

Eu não me importo com a data, é menos um para este ano, já vou ter muito com que me ocupar :p
#8 Nosferato

11 de Junho, 2019, 20:03


"Treehouse summary for those who missed it (feel free to add anything I missed):

  • Up to 8 villagers can live on the same island, couch co-op with up to 4 of them
  • Online/wireless multiplayer to be detailed later
  • Can choose between northern and southern hemisphere (changes timing of seasons to match)
  • Some crafted items, such as tools, can be both bought with bells or crafted
  • Some crafted items require other items to be crafted first, i.e. bonfire requires campfire plus 10 wood
  • Fishing bait
  • Clam digging (makes bait)
  • Split rivers return
  • Items can either be dropped outside (leaf) or placed outside (actual item)
  • Placed items can be dragged around
  • Wind feature, can measure wind by how much the trees are blowing
  • You have a smart phone in game
  • Nook Miles - rewards for completing certain goals on the island (ex. pull 50 weeds)
  • In-game camera feature - lets you zoom in/out, change filter
  • Tools still take up pocket space, but crafting materials and clothing do not
  • Cliffs return?? Pretty sure via map and some screenshots that they are back
  • Building on beach used for travel purposes? Marked by an airplane on map
  • 2 gaps at the top of the map, mountains (edit: or rocks?) above the map, no idea what this means"

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